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Our History

At Blueprint, we’re proud of our track record of successfully partnering with schools and districts to support, operate, and manage school improvement efforts. Read on to learn more about our organization’s background. 

Fellows Program Launch in East St. Louis, IL

August 2016

Blueprint begins working with East St. Louis School District 189 in Illinois to plan and implement the Blueprint Math Fellows Program in 4 schools across the district.

Fellows Program Launch in California’s Bay Area

August 2016

Blueprint launches a partnership with Oakland Unified School District to implement the Blueprint Math Fellows Program in 5 middle schools district-wide.

Fellows Program Expansion in Massachusetts

February 2016

In early 2016, Blueprint launches two mid-year Fellows Program partnerships. Six Blueprint Fellows work with students at Boston Public Schools’ Mattahunt Elementary School, and three Fellows serve students at the Morgan Full Service Community School in Holyoke Public Schools.

Partnership with Bentley Academy Charter School

August 2015

Bentley Academy Charter School (BACS), a charter school within the Salem Public Schools, opened serving students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Blueprint continues its role as a school improvement partner for BACS.

Summer Fellows Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

June 2015

Blueprint partners with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Upward Bound program to implement a summer Fellows Program. Experienced tutors serving St. Louis Public Schools work with students in grades 9-12 on foundational and supplemental math skills during the summer months.

Blueprint Partners with Salem Public Schools

May 2014

Blueprint, in collaboration with Empower Schools, enters into a partnership with Salem Public Schools to operate grades 3-5 of Bentley Elementary School.

Paul A. Dever Elementary Receivership

February 2014

Blueprint is selected to serve as the state-appointed Receiver for the Paul A. Dever Elementary School in Dorchester, MA.

St. Louis Fellows Program

September 2013

​Blueprint partners with St. Louis Public Schools to implement the Blueprint Fellows Program as an independent academic intervention in seven schools for the 2013-14 school year. The program has since expanded and 22 full-time Math Fellows are serving students in eight schools for the 2015-16 school year.

GreenLight/Social Innovation Fund

August 2013

Blueprint is awarded a five-year $1.25M grant with the GreenLight Fund’s Social Innovation Fund initiative to support its expansion into Boston Public Schools.​


June 2013

The Blueprint Fellows Program is selected by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to become an AmeriCorps affiliated program. As a result, a select number of Blueprint Fellows positions are designated as AmeriCorps member positions.

Boston Public Schools Joins Network

March 2013

Blueprint begins working with Boston Public Schools to implement its school improvement framework at the Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy (K-5) and The English High School - the oldest public high school in the nation.

Blueprint Fellows Program Grows in Denver

November 2012

Denver voters approve an annual tax increase that will provide funding to expand the Blueprint Fellows Program to 39 additional schools in the 2013-14 school year.

Fellows Program Expands Into West Denver

September 2012

The Blueprint Fellows Program is expanded to three additional turnaround schools in the West Denver Network, a separate turnaround initiative of Denver Public Schools.

Year Two In Denver

September 2012

Year two of implementation begins for the Denver Summit Schools Network schools in Denver.

Expansion To Massachusetts

August 2012

Massachusetts State House</a>

Blueprint is awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to build capacity as a turnaround operator for the Commonwealth.

Blueprint Hosts Second Leadership Summit in Boston

June 2012

In the spring of 2012, over 40 leaders from Blueprint's partner schools in Houston and Denver come to Boston to visit model schools, share promising practices, and tackle common challenges as a growing network of professionals.

Opening Day

September 2011

Opening day for Blueprint's 10 partner schools in the Denver Summit Schools Network.

Blueprint Hosts First Leadership Summit in New York City

June 2011

Blueprint convenes its first three-day leadership summit for principals and district leaders in our network. This summit is an opportunity for leaders to collaborate and share best practices using their combined knowledge, skills, and expertise from working in the school turnaround field.

A Partnership In Denver

January 2011

Blueprint begins working with Denver Public Schools to execute a comprehensive school turnaround initiative for a network of schools known as the Denver Summit Schools Network (DSSN).

Blueprint supports Apollo 20 schools in Houston, TX

December 2010

Blueprint begins a 2 1/2 year partnership with the Houston Independent School District to support the Apollo 20 program, a turnaround initiative for 20 elementary, middle, and high schools in Houston, TX.

Blueprint is Founded

December 2010

Blueprint Schools Network is founded to bring research-based strategies shown to be the biggest drivers of student achievement in successful, high-performing schools to life in public schools across the nation.