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Application Process

Blueprint Fellows play an integral role in heightening student achievement in our partner schools. Blueprint Fellows must pass through a competitive application and selection process before they can be admitted to the program. If you are ready to make an impact, begin your application today!

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in September of each academic year. You can expect to hear from us regarding the status of your application within two weeks of submitting your application. The timeline for regional interviews varies by district, and while some districts do not begin regional interviews until the spring, others begin as early as December. Applying early increases the chances of accommodating your regional and school level preferences.

The following steps outline the application process:

  1. Step #1.

    Complete Online Application

    Fill out an online application, including questions regarding your contact information, education and background, references, eligibility, and your regional and school level preferences

    Start Your Online Application

  2. Step #2.

    Application & Resumé Review

    Once your application is submitted, Blueprint’s recruiting team will review your application materials.

  3. Step #3.

    Complete Online Assessment

    Following the application and resumé review, candidates selected to move forward will receive a separate email with instructions on how to complete the online math assessment.

    Please designate a quiet space and ample time to complete the online assessment. You have up to an hour to complete the assessment.

    All Fellows candidates must successfully pass the online mathematics assessment before they can move on to the phone interview. 

  4. Step #4.

    Phone Interview

    Candidates who successfully pass both the resumé review and online assessment will be invited to participate in a brief phone interview with Blueprint’s recruitment team. At the end of the phone interview, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the Blueprint Fellowship. 

  5. Step #5.

    Regional Interview

    Candidates who successfully pass the phone interview will be invited to a formal interview at a specific school with the Site Manager and/or other members of the school staff. The length of time between a phone interview and a regional interview varies depending on the time of year and region. .

    If you are not local to the area, you will have your interview with district and/or school staff members via Skype.

  6. Step #6.

    Hiring Decision

    Once the regional interview is complete, you will receive notification of a selection decision within a two-week time period.

    All positions are contingent on successful completion of the pre-employment background screening process and receipt of positive references.

    If you have any questions prior to submitting your application and/or during your application process regarding the pre-employment background screening process and related screening criteria, please contact the Blueprint Human Capital team at  

    The timeline of the application process from start to finish will vary depending on the time of year and individual school partner. We will remain in contact with you throughout the each step of the process!

    Please feel free to reach out to us with questions at any time at  Thank you for your interest in the Blueprint Fellows Program, and we look forward to reviewing your application!