Beginning in 2017, Blueprint Schools Network has partnered with the Lake County School District (LCSD) in Leadville, Colorado to promote the effective use of partnerships in support of district-wide reform initiatives. The LCSD Partnership Collaborative is a multi-year investment in building and managing a system of sustainable partnerships that will yield high quality schools for students and families in Leadville.

The Collaborative aligns partnering organizations with LCSD’s vision, turnaround framework, and the specific needs of each school. Their aim is to make the Collaborative a national model for how rural school districts can attract, engage and collaborate with multiple external partners to provide equitable access to a high quality education for students.

Blueprint serves the role of design and implementation partner through the Collaborative. As part of the partnership, Blueprint provides direction, support, and leadership around the following strategies:

  1. Refine and codify student-centered K-12 instructional systems that promote equity;
  2. Align multiple organizations, schools and leaders to support instructional systems and vision;
  3. Monitor school progress throughout the year to inform the effectiveness of our practices;
  4. Review interim assessment and school visit data to facilitate mid-course corrections when needed;
  5. Create a system for identifying and disseminating best practices.

Through this partnership, Blueprint will support LCSD through this initiative so they can better leverage ongoing school turnaround efforts and better position the district to dramatically increase student achievement across their pre-K-12 network.

Blueprint's partnership with LCSD builds upon our previous work in Colorado with Denver Public Schools (DPS). Blueprint supported DPS from 2010-2017 with their turnaround efforts including the implementation of a Math Fellows Program that grew district-wide. Learn more about our Denver partnership results.