Jump into January

For the classroom educator, January is an opportunity to reset and refocus. It’s a fresh start for you and your students. What’s the best way to jump into January to take advantage of the new year? Here are a few suggestions based on my experience, as well as those of other teachers and Blueprint Math…

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Miss… Is That a Mariachi Band?!

The past 8 years of my life, I have been lucky enough to do two great things: travel abroad & teach kids. My experiences have taken me to the Dominican Republic, to 4th & 5th grade, across the country of Ecuador, to the founding year of a community charter, to jungles in Costa Rica, &…

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Circulating the Classroom with Purpose

Every teacher knows the power of circulating the classroom during independent or group work. It’s a great way to see what students understand, where they get stuck, and who needs additional support. But circulating in a class of 30 students is a daunting task; I remember feeling overwhelmed in my 8th grade math class because…

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11 FAQs about being a Blueprint Math Fellow

What does Blueprint do? Blueprint trains Math Fellows to tutor small groups of students in public schools. Who becomes a Blueprint Math Fellow? What fellows share is their passion for working with students and their excitement when engaging students in math. But prior to Blueprint, fellows come from all walks of life! There is no…

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Starting the year off strong

New curriculum. Seating Charts. Covid sanitation protocols. Ice breakers. Warm Up Routine. Attendance. New block schedule. Plan for advisory. Organize the materials. Notebook routine. Grade Friday quizzes. Back to school night. Tomorrow’s lesson. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The first weeks of school are a lot. For everyone. As a Blueprint Math Fellow, how should you juggle the myriad…

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Introducing the Blueprint Blog

Hello Blueprint community! We’re excited to officially launch the Blueprint Blog! The blog will be a space where you can learn about new instructional strategies, gain insight into the life of a Blueprint Math Fellow, hear stories from various Blueprint stakeholders, and understand the Blueprint take on current trends and debates in education. Here’s a…

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