Blueprint Math Fellows are essential members of their schools. Math Fellows support the academic and personal growth of their students through their tutorship. They change lives, and often find their perspective changed in the process. In the words of one Math Fellow, “Being a Fellow is more than an experience and more than a job. It's an opportunity to impact kids and help a child not be fearful of math”

- Shameen.

Meet a Fellow

Denise Ramos
Oakland Math Fellow

As a fellow, I was able to instill a growth mindset in my students because I had to relearn some of the math. I struggled with some of the lessons because they were concepts that I hadn’t used in a while. This struggle with material, however, allowed me to become honest and show vulnerability with my students and coworkers, which bonded us as a team. My relationship with all of my students grew because we faced the challenges together, and I could show them that adults are also learning and making mistakes.

Matthew Stock
East St. Louis 189 Math Fellow

Hi there! I’m Matthew Stock, a Blueprint fellow for ninth grade at East St. Louis Senior High School. I joined Blueprint for the 2019–2020 school year, and I have loved my experience as a fellow so far! Working in small groups with students is demanding, but it’s some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. Here’s a look at my daily routine as a Blueprint fellow:

Lynda Sowunmi
East St. Louis 189 Math Fellow

The job is about learning as well as teaching. Being patient, flexible and ready to receive feedback (from students and supervisors) are some of the attributes of a successful fellow. Fellows will be observed by their Site Manager once every two weeks and receive coaching on what went well and what could be improved. Ask questions about the community you are teaching in, be very culturally aware and most importantly, make the effort to get to know your kids!